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At the time of the last update (2014), the company portfolio’s contained almost 700 clients.

Our typical clients are small or medium-sized private companies and public bodies, who mainly require letters, reports, studies, etc. to be translated into one of the three main languages we work with (English, French, German).

Languages other than these (Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, etc.) are generally required by larger companies in order to draft circulars, leaflets, instruction manuals, etc.

Translations into Basque are principally ordered by public bodies, graphic design companies, associations, etc. CCI has secured the Basque translation contracts from: Pamplona City Council, Barañain Town Council, the Ombudsman’s office, Animsa.

Finally, CCI has been the Government of Navarre’s Department of Justice and the Interior’s exclusive language service provider since 2000.


CCI has a 700-strong client portfolio


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