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About us

The language service company Centro de Comunicación Internacional, S.L. was founded in 1992.

CCI employs a team of highly-qualified professionals who provide effective, personalised solutions to meet the communications requirements of companies, institutions, professionals and private individuals alike.

CCI provides a wide range of services: translation, certified translation, public services interpretation and translation and other language services.

The work process we apply at CCI ensures product quality, compliance with delivery deadlines, personalised attention and absolute confidentiality. All of our work is performed in line with the profession’s code of ethics.

CCI translates and interprets from and into Spanish, Basque, English, French, German and, to a lesser extent, Portuguese and Italian. In our endeavour to meet all of our clients’ needs, however, we also manage projects involving Dutch, Russian, Mandarin, Romanian, etc. and, on occasions, languages as exotic as Armenian, Lingala, Bengali and Mongolian.

Nowadays (2014), the company has a nearly 700-strong client portfolio, which includes public bodies, private companies, associations, foundations and private individuals.


Code of ethics for translation and interpretation

All of those employed or outsourced by CCI work in line with a code of ethics.

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